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Kio by Prickly

Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Full Demo Gameplay

Project Description

Kio is a glassblowing puzzle & adventure game. The goal of the player is to light all glass objects using a variety of glass objects, which you have to glassblow yourself, to deform light into specific directions.

Kio lives on a single thread of a glass thread light. Her father went missing and it is her duty to find him. Kio must enter her worlds energy temple. This distributes power across her world. To enter however, you must be a master glassblower. Following in her fathers footsteps, She is one.

Project Details

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Programming: Primarily C++, Blueprints
Project Duration: 18 weeks
Team Size: 6 people
Project Role: Lead Programmer, Technical Artist

My Work

Player Controls
Backend Input Configuration
Tons of Debug tools
Custom Controller Input Viewer
Lighting Interactions with Player
Color Interactions with Player
Tunnel Lighting Transition Animations
Custom Animated Objects (ex. Gate opening)
Glassblowing Sequence
Moving Objects
Pickup Functionality
IK Handling on Character
Basic Polymorphism Setup in C++
Hovering and Smooth Lerping in all interactions
-git Master

Showcase Pictures