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God-Trainee by Hybrid Nijntje

Project Description

God-Trainee is an isometric 3D project, you have to stop the hero from reaching his end destination by using physical controllers.

We are using 4 different controllers for input. A staff to cast Lightning by smashing it on the ground, A set of drums to move an earthquake across the world, A microphone to shout mighty fireballs to destroy the path. And a small set of plushies which you have to throw at a target in the physical world to spawn evil minions to slow the hero down.

Project Details

Engine: Unity Engine 5.4
Programming: C#
Project Duration: 8 weeks
Team Size: 6 people
Project Role: Lead Programmer, Lead Designer

My Work

A* Pathfinding
Level Generation
Physical to Digital Implementations
Casting Abilities
Environmental Destruction
Render Camera's
User Interface