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GameWork by StratEgel

Project Description

GameWork is a framework made by StratEgel B.V in cooporation with Strategis to create socializing gameplay. You have to create an ideal world with various different parties who have their own unique set of goals to achieve.

Project Details

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Programming: Primarily C++, Blueprints
Team Size: 4 people
Project Role:
Team Lead, Lead Development, Technical Artist
Amazing Artists:
Maria van Veelen - 3D Environment, UI Artist
Ilona Evers - 3D Environment
Jesse Heida - 3D Environment

My Work

- Creating a system that allows for changeable gameplay Modules
- Data extraction out of an online data sheet
- 1 to 4 player support in online sessions
- Real time world updating
- Creating user friendly and networked user interfaces
- Level generator and randomizer
- Designer and Artist friendly implementation
- Usage of HI Static Meshes to optimize GPU Drawcalls
- All technical development

Showcase Pictures