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Andromeda Resonance, Graduation HKU by Jesse van Vliet

Level Generation (Sped-up)

Drone Gameplay (Sped-up)

Project Description

Andromeda Resonance is a game created in Unreal to demonstrate the implementation of a custom WaveFunctionCollapse level generation algorithm, an algorithm specialised in creating locally similar output based on input. WFC can be used for level generation, content generation, texture synthesis and others. The use of this level generation algorithm is also bindable to gameplay elements. This allows you to create procedurally generated gameplay and worlds.

Project Details

Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Unity Engine
Programming: Primarily C++, Blueprints
Project Duration: 18 weeks
Team Size: 1
Project Role: Programmer, Technical Artist

My Work

The creation of my own WFC algorithm in Unity and Unreal
Implementation of an art pipeline from Maya->3DCoat->UE4
In depth iterations on the algorithm
Research for tool-development
The creation of tools based on expert input
Fully physics based drone gameplay as a showcase to the world

Showcase Pictures

Coming soon!