I'm a 23 year old Dutch game programmer

I've been into games since 2009 and enjoy everything related.
Game Art, Game Design but most of all Game Development.

My main focus currently is Game & Tools programming,
User Experience and a personal focus on Technical art

When I'm not a developer - I'm a leader
and heavily inspire others to do their absolute best.


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CV last update: 02/07/2019


My name is Jesse van Vliet, I am 23 year old, I have recently graduated from my BSc in game programming at the HKU. I have enjoyed every bit of 7+ years of game development and I’m ready to start a new challenge outside of just university & personal work.

Until recently I was also a member of the University of the Arts Utrecht Board of Admissions for new applying students in the direction of Game Programming.


BSc Game Development

2015 - 2019

Focus on various aspects of Game Programming: Gameplay, AI, Tools, Content Generation. A lot of group projects with other game related studies.

MBO Game Development

2011 - 2015

Focus on basic game development in OpenGL (C++) with a bit of engine works.


Year Representive Game Development

Oct 2015 - Jul 2019

I work together with professors, lecturers and other students on the university to solve problems and bring issues to the attention of the school board. This involves meetings with the director, study leaders and various other professors.

Other stuff that I do is provide feedback on the university's curriculum for various Games & Interaction studies.

Freelance Game Development

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

Helping on a variety of projects, but primarily focus on the Hero OnboardGame - An in-house tool to gamify complex problems and allows these gamified problems to be written on paper and in project definition.

Intern Game Development

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018

The creation of Hack Stevie. A project to raise awareness of cyber threats and cyber security in the digital world at dutch middleschools. This project was met with great responses. I also worked on a variety of other projects.

Intern Game Development

Dec 2014 - May 2015

Mostly working on the base game architecture of a HTML5 project which will be the foundation of a series of Applied Games, one of these games is a game about floodings in the Netherlands.

Intern Software Development

Apr 2013 - Sep 2013

Working with Eclipe, now Android Studio to create customized applications for customers of the company for a variety of uses. I've also worked with WordPress plugins and created a few for private use.

Explored Sections

Gameplay Programming Networking (+SteamWorks) Technical Art
UX Development Artificial Intelligence Procedural Generation
Unreal Motion Graphics Databases & Display Game Optimization
Virtual Reality Tool Development Build Automation
Visual FX Network Optimization A* Pathfinding
Multiplatform Development LeapMotion Fractals & Boids